This is a past event. 05 Apr
Child Friendly, Group-Friendly, Outdoors and Recreation

This is a past event.

Farm Adventure Day

Spring! Such a beautiful time to feel the freshness of nature. And what better place to do that than at Alegre Farm.
Come with friends and family to take a guided tour of our fun educational stations. 
Enjoy the petting zoo, feed the animals, and groom the pony. Milk a goat, too! Learn about different ways to reduce your waste by composting your scraps to make healthy soil. The kids will love digging in for worms! Take a hayless tractor ride around our 15 acre farm!
It's fun for the whole family!
Bring lunch to eat after and don't forget about the pony ride available after the tour for $5.

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Child Friendly, Group-Friendly, Outdoors and Recreation








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