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This is a past event.

Ink, Paint and Steel Art Exhibit

Katherine Linn, known for  linocuts, printed by hand from linoleum blocks. All of the linocuts are original prints. An original print is an image taken from a block or a plate that was conceived and created to be printed. Each image is developed with the idea that it will eventually be printed multiple times to produce an edition. The initial drawing and the actual block are just stepping stones, the matrices that lead to the resulting prints. Each time the block is inked and run through the press, an original work of art is produced.

 Simone R. Wilson is a self-taught artist born in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an obsessive scavenger and rescuer of materials from the past and this often influences her work.
Setting up studio in 1991, she began producing functional and aesthetic assemblages out of the wonderful junk she would find. She and her best friend, Louise, a now seventeen year old Bassett Hound would peruse the neighborhoods in search of treasure.

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