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This is a past event.

Netherworld Haunted House

The Awakened, rotted mummified corpses, each with a single hideous eye in their forehead have emerged from the depths below to destroy everything in their path! Explore the cursed town of Whyshburg, make your way through its ancient crumbling cemetery, enter the haunted Colber Mansion and then descend to the forbidden city deep below the mountain to confront the ancient horror that created The Awakened…If You Dare!

Featuring: The Stone Giants Gateway. The Mausoleums of The Doomed. The Twisted Coffin Labyrinth. The Feral Bone Gnawers. The Basement of Unspeakable Horrors. The Blood Drenched All-Seeing Eye. The Toppled Towers of Lost Carcosa. The Horrifying Lair of The Undying and much, much more.

Located in an expanded facility with easy access and ample parking, Netherworld Haunted House returns in 2018 Bigger, Badder and More Terrifying than you have ever experienced! Witness the untold nightmares of The Awakenedand Subject: Umknown at this year’s Netherworld Haunted House!

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Arts & Culture, Group-Friendly, Weekend Events


Stone Mountain




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