This is a past event. 04 May
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This is a past event.

Snellville Farmers Market

At the request of many Snellville Farmers Market vendors and numerous customers, we are now offering an extended season. The market will be held on the first Saturday of each month. 
October through May, from 9 am to noon in the City Hall parking lot.

The market features products that come from farms and gardens that, for the most part, are located within a 100-mile radius of Snellville. However, because the area around Snellville is so developed, in some cases we have had to reach out beyond 100 miles to bring certain products to the market.

When you purchase local produce, rather than produce that has been shipped across the country, it comes from farmers who have nurtured their crops and usually picked their produce the day before the market, or even early that morning. For the consumer, this means the produce they purchase is freshly picked and flavorful.

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kelly Leona

kelly Leona 4/5/2019

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