This is a past event. 27 Mar
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This is a past event.

Virtual Bingo

Bingo is back! This is going to be fun and we're not gonna let Coronavirus cause us to lose our sense of community. How will this work??? Here's how:

1) You'll play online through Instagram LIVE with your quarantine partners in the same room. ‘Follow’ the Slow Pour Brewing Instagram page now for all the latest updates. That's where you'll be able to watch the Instagram LIVE event.

2) Purchase Bingo cards through the Venmo account link in the event post! Each “ticket” will be $5 and will get you one bingo card per ticket purchase. The more you buy, the better your chances are of winning! We will email you your unique Bingo card before the event starts. In your payment please select private payment, share your email address, and how many cards you would like to purchase or if this is strictly a donation. You are welcome to purchase a bingo card as well as give a donation if you prefer.

3) Mike and Travis will share all of the rules when we go live, but basically the person who has Bingo will comment 'BINGO' in the LIVE video chat. The first person to have BINGO is the winner. We will then ask you to text us a picture of your unique bingo card. You will have 30 seconds to send us the card to let us verify you won. If you're a confirmed winner, we will send you a digital confirmation of your prize!

4) We will be open Monday - Sunday 3-7pm so that you can come by and grab a growler, take home, or crowler to enjoy at home while you and your family play Bingo with us on Instagram LIVE starting at 7pm on Friday 3/27/2020!

5) 100% of the proceeds from the Bingo card sales will go to The Giving Kitchen which fully supports and supplements the service industry. As you know, these are the people that take care of you in restaurants, bars, and in our very on Tap Room.

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